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Our First
Retail Brochure,

INDIA IMPORTS of Rhode Island
Retail Brochure #1 (Cover Art)

Do You Remember 1967-1968?

Our first retail store, EMPORIUM-INDIA, opened in 1967 in Providence, RI, importing primarily traditional Indian clothing and handicrafts. Now called Spectrum, it's still on Thayer Street today.

In 1968, the first retail brochure for INDIA IMPORTS of Rhode Island was published. Cover art featured a poster of

Inside the 1968 brochure,
one could find
(among other items):

Elephant Beans,
Toe Rings,
36 different packages
of incense,
Musical instruments,
A dozen types
of beaded necklaces.

(Cover of 1969 brochure
shown at left)

Share YOUR Memories With Us and Others

From Diana R of NC:
In 1968 my friends and I would take a bus to downtown Prov. just to spend the day in your store. You had the most interesting store downtown. The people were so nice and friendly. There was so much to explore! Clothes, bags, fabrics, jewelry, the unique lovely little bells that graced most jewelery items, especially earrings and bracelets. As soon as you walked in the door a wonderful fragrance would greet you. So many unique, wonderful exotic scents found only there!
...As soon as we had a few dollars saved we wanted to hop the bus to Emporium India for our next item. I bought my first maxi dress there and it was the most comfortable item I ever owned. A pair of sandals and a summer day was made complete!

Wendy L from NY writes:
"I remember the Usha dress fondly, plus so many other clothes I wore in the 1970s--cuff bottom pants, bikinis. I loved the sixties style of IIRI. Wish you would bring it back!
Although I'm now in my 40s, it seems like young women are very open to (for want of a better word) hippie style. Your clothes are attractive, affordable, great cotton fabrics, and they suit all ages. I'm glad I found you on the web!"

Hugh J. from MA tells us:
I remember once when I was out sailing and during a rough storm our sail was torn to shreds! My wife took off her Adini dress and we were able to use it for a sail. In fact, today we still use it as a car cover for our Astro Van! Thanks, Adini!!"
Hugh also feels that more material in our bottoms would be a great asset.

Do you have a favorite memory of India Imports of Rhode Island?

Did you work for us at one time? Have photos of our early styles?

Do you have a favorite memory of the 60’s or 70’s in general?

Share your memories with us and others who visit the Adini Website by entering them into our GUEST BOOK. We’ll publish them in Adini’s Memory Lane in future as space permits.

Answer to Adini's First Trivia Quiz
USHA Maxidress, named after the sister of India Imports of Rhode Island's founder.

Norma M of CA writes:
I was a RISD student and resident of International House in the late 60s and early 70s and remember the shop well. I didn't have much money and the clothes were affordable for me. I loved the ankle length dresses. The director of I House told me that the owner once lived in the shop, employed a "village" in India and was all in all a great person.
Editor's Note: Spectrum is still there on Thayer Street. Visit our store website for what today's customers say about us!

Maudie H tells us:
I LOVED India Imports. I used to get my bedspreads and clothes there. I especially remember my sheer Kurtas in white and blue and I had this long purple dress in cotton that had a wood block print all over it...empire waist...comfy and cool...GREAT stuff.

Answer to Adini’s Second Trivia Quiz
The name Adini is an anagram of the word "India." It is a variation of the Sanskrit words meaning "from the first woman."

Answer to Adini’s Third Trivia Quiz
India Imports of Rhode Island started Project Relief, which raised funds in 1970 for Oxfam-America, part of Oxfam England. The funds were used for hunger relief in West Africa.
There was ONE correct answer to this Adini Trivia Quiz. Congratulations to Sally M. of MA.

Answer to Adini’s Fourth Trivia Quiz
The historic building that housed Adini's (IIRI's) headquarters in the 1970's and 80's is the Shepard Building, in Providence, RI. The president of IIRI, Int'l had this building placed on the National Register of Historic Places to protect it from demolition and "remuddling." Shepard's was a department store before IIRI took over the building. It has been beautifully restored and now houses the Providence campus of the University of Rhode Island.

There were several correct answers to this Adini Trivia Quiz, including Teman Z. from CA. The most popular incorrect answer was the Arcade, which was the first indoor shopping "mall," also located in Providence.

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